Powerful Communication

Authentic Presence


Your Expression makes an Impression: Using Your Voice as a Powerful and Effective Instrument of Communication

Powerful Communication-Authentic Presence offers a unique blend of art and science for any professional who speaks in public, leads team meetings and groups, and wants to sharpen their communication skills. It blends the rigor of scientific inquiry with the experiential approach of the performing arts, integrating the wisdom and emotion of the head and heart. While the end result is more powerful speaking and presenting, the impact of the course goes much deeper. Through vocal and acting exercises, along with individual and group work, coaching, and a public performance, the participants learn how to incorporate feedback, build relationships with an audience, open their voice, articulate thoughts clearly in the moment, maximize unique strengths, increase ability to establish credibility, integrity and character quickly and effectively. Powerful Communication-Authentic Presence takes you to place far beyond PowerPoint, to where you are truly "on stage". You will learn to reach and engage your audience and command greater presence when you walk in a room. You will increase your ability to be on target in your professional tasks by bringing your personality and creativity to your presentations. And you will have fun in the process!

Join Professor Talia Refeld, internationally acclaimed Opera singer, Vocal teacher and Entrepreneur, (www.refeld.net) and Gisela Maria Schmitz, Stage Director, Business coach and Acting teacher, as you learn skills to use your voice and body more authentically and effectively to bring Power, Focus, Confidence and Clarity to your communication.

Professor Refeld on Voice:

Is there a difference between what you intend to communicate and what people hear you say? The answer lies in both the sound of your voice and the intention you project. Does your voice reflect authority and confidence? Do you have command over your vocal range? Is your intention clear? Become acquainted with your voice and its inherent power in a new way. Learn easy steps that strengthen your voice as an instrument and learn to speak with more power, passion and authenticity. We can learn about a person just by listening to their voice. What does yours say about you?

How does it work?

Studies show that vocal sound profoundly affects the brain, the nervous system, the cellular structure and molecular structure of the body. Using a combination of vocalizes, sound awareness, breath support and creative games, we will awaken and build the dynamic power of authentic expression. Throughout these  classes, we will create a safe environment in which participants can experience freedom and power of expression through creative play, music, song and intuitive movement.

From Gisela Maria Schmitz:

Acting Technik for the Workplace

Why? Actors do not seek pretense or disguise but authenticity, believability and persuasiveness in a defined role and in clearly defined relationships. 

I transfer the methods of training the professional actor to everyday work and private situations and the different „Roles“ that one plays. You will learn to combine your professional competence with an authentic, credible and goal-oriented expression.


Conscious awareness of your own behavioral and expressive patterns, confident, convincing and lively Presentations and Lectures, productive und solution-oriented communication within conflicts, setting of boundaries and remaining open, active composure in the workplace, Leading with responsibility, intuition and sensitivity, risking more emotionality, and remaining authentic in difficult situations.


My corrections and suggestions correspond to physical presence and action/reaction. The following acting techniques serve as the basis of this work: The 5 Pillars of  Communication and their physical expression, the Technique of the Anticipated Gestures, the Method of Changing Status and the bipolar Breath/Vocal Technique


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